Weekly Specials

Lunch/Dinner Specials

This Week's Dinner Specials from August 13 - 18

Smoked Salmon Pasta with onions, capers, asparagus and a vodka/dill/cream sauce tossed over linguini$19.50
Sautéed Liver & Onions topped with bacon and a Marsala, onion, garlic and butter sauce, served with mashed potatoes and mixed vegetables$16.50
Crab Cakes topped with wasabi aioli and a papaya/pineapple marmalade, served with sautéed spinach and mashed potatoes$18.50
Boneless Kalbi served with sautéed baby bok choy and steamed rice$21.50
Pupu Special: Shrimp Quesadillas with sun dried tomato pesto and mozzarella cheese, wrapped in a whole wheat tortilla$10.50