2020 Information, Events & Parking

In light of the ongoing Corona virus situation we have decided to cancel the 2020 Murphy’s Saint Patrick’s Day Block Party.

We are deeply saddened that this will be the first time in 33 years that the Murphy’s Saint Patrick’s Day Block Party will not take place. It is an annual boon to business in Chinatown and a beloved tradition for countless Oahu residents and families and various nonprofits proceeds benefit.

However, we have a responsibility to our community and to visitors and residents to make their health and safety our utmost concern.

Main Food Booth (Lot)

– Corned Beef and Cabbage

– Steak Sandwich

– Guinness Braised Lamb Shank

– Sweet Chili Salmon

Fish & Chip Booth (Lot)

– CBC Sandwich

– Cheeseburger

– Fish & Chips

– Chicken Fingers w/ Fries

-Panko Crusted Torpedo Shrimp w/Fries

– Fries

Oyster Booth (Lot)

– Crab Claws

– Fresh Shucked Oysters

– Oyster Shooters

– Shrimp Scampi

– Crab cakes

– Calamari Steak

Parking Lot Desserts

Irish Whiskey Cake with chocolate sauce

Bailey’s Cheesecake

Bread Pudding with Irish Whiskey Sauce

Key lime pie

– Irish or Bailey’s Coffee

Restaurant Menu (Lunch Only)

– Corned Beef and Cabbage

– Gaelic Steak

-Caesar Salad topped with Sweet Chili Salmon


– Irish Whiskey Cake with chocolate sauce

– Bread Pudding with Irish whiskey sauce

– Key Lime Pie

St. Patrick's Day 2020 Block Party